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Meaning of pabellón

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In Architecture is a small house with four facades or a light tent. In a hospital is a special section for some type of patients (also section of a fair). Fabric with colored stripes representing a state or territory. Flag, badge, banner, pendon. In Venezuela it is also the name of a typical dish consisting of beans, rice, fried ripe banana and dismeting meat. In Anatomy is the outside and visible part of the ear. It is also commonly called aheadset, atrium, pinna or ear.


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In principle, it is a cloth held by some support, and from there it has several meanings. 1st_ Flag or national teaching; by extension, belonging to that nation. 2nd_ Pendant fabric as an ornament or curtain on beds or altars. 3o_ Each property covered among others of the same category . This is by the conical tent made of leathers or fabrics held by a frame, which was once known as 'pavillon'. See teiti . 4o_ By the previous one, conical piece that protrudes at the end of musical instruments such as tuba or trumpet. 5o_ By the anterior, the outer part of the ear, which in the ear forms a bell that helps to perceive the sounds . See headset .


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Pavilion: Truncated pyramid forming the facets of a precious stone.


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