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Meaning of osea

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You say the expression used as a crutch to make links between prayers, or also to explain any term unknown Example: "bone... nothing to do!" Synonyms: You want to say


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Expression often used by the "posh" (young people from wealthy family), as vulgar and redundant expression in their phrases. Very repeated in its use, although the phrase has nothing to do. Example: "Pija 1:" he told Me Pitu, bone!, who not came to the party. "" Posh 2: "bone, that does not come!" "" as superfuerte, aunt. ' " Synonyms: Aunt nbsp; Superfuerte


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Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

The correct term is bone. It means on or related to the bone. You can also be considered bone, such as a bone or osear. It means picking, pry, dig, dig with the trunk.


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Inés Merino García

To clarify, the expression that means is, would be, therefore, separated the two words. Bone would have that go with accent in the or, and it refers to all it relevance to the bone. And finally, I mean such and as it is written, is a conjugation of the verb osear or oxear, which means to scare away the birds.


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