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Meaning of orto

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It means principle, origin, birth, beginning. standard , basis . Name given to the moment when a star or sun appears on the horizon. Sunrise, dawn. It is also a prefix.


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In Argentina it is a vulgar word for tail, butt, buttocks, etc.


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Although this etymology was not recognized, it is said that the origin of " Ortho " as synonymous with " 34 year; comes from a form ironically '' academic '' of call to the rectum in Greek, where " OMICRON; Rho; Theta; OMICRON; " means " straight " or " 34 right;.


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Inés Merino García

Effectively as says Fede is the output of the Sun by horizon, being its opposite the sunset. It is a component in many words of Greek origin, which means right or correct, as for example, orthodontics, orthopedics, spelling. Commonly, used to refer to the ass or back human.


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ORTO: Appearance of the Sun on the horizon.


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