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Meaning of oriza

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Oriza: Popular song genre " salsa " interpreted by the singer Erny August with the Orchestra the conspiracy: Ricardo Ray playing their 34 has already begun; jala jala " then came Ray Barreto playing " pace of bullet " and then Willie Colón playing " cheche colé " and time comes the conspiracy playing " oriza 34, " oriza " oh, oh, " oriza 34, " " " oriza oriza " oh, oh, " 34 oriza;...


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My family's last name Some synonyms, words or similar expressions may be no synonyms because we are talking about a surname


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Sephardic, or Jewish cuisine is prepared with wheat and vegetables and seasoned with meat dishes.


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Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

The correct term is Oriza ( is the name of a genus, and always goes with capital letter ). It is the name of a genus of Gramineae plants of the family Poaceae. Oriza sativa species, known as rice, is the cereal that is most grown in the world. Tall grasses in wetlands are included in this genus. Its fruits are in spikes.


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Rice Asian. Oryza Sativa.


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