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Meaning of orichá

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It is also valid Orixá or Orishá . It is the name of a divinity among the Yorubas. She's The Daughter of Olóorun.


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ORICHA in Cuba and Venezuela : God of the Yoruba religion, predominant in Nigeria, Cuba and Venezuela. Although some consider it an African religion of monotheistic character, because there is a Supreme Being, Olodumare, I actually consider it polytheist, because, as in the Greek-Roman mythology, it has 401 orgys that help the believer in the various circumstances of life. Faced with the need to respect his gods secretly, SINCRETISMO was born, where the celebration of a Christian saint was synchronized with that of one Yoruba, and thus, for example, the day of St Paul was syncretified to Oggun and venerated that day under that mantle.


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