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Meaning of oriamendi

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Name of a small mountain near San Sebastian in Spain. It is located between Hernani and San Sebastian. It does not reach 200 meters in height.


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felipe lorenzo del rio

Also march of Oriamendi, hymn of Carlism. For the Battle of Oriamendi that took place on the mountain of the same name near San Sebastian in 1837, where the Carlists defeated the Christian. After some fixes, the version in The National Spain ended as follows: " . . . . For God's sake, for the Fatherland and the King/ our parents fought. For God's sake, for the Fatherland and the King/ we will fight too." The dictatorship recognized it as a national song with the Cara el Sol Falangista and the Royal March composed in the eighteenth century by Manuel Espinosa de los Monteros, which he had named Marcha de Granaderos, today the National Anthem.


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