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Meaning of ordinario

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(Of thelat.)(ordinarius).

1. adj. common, regular, and usually happens.

2. plebeian adj. (? is not noble).

3. adj. low, coarse, vulgar and low estimate. U t. c. s.

4. adj. He has no degree or distinction in its line.

5. adj. It says spending each day to have any in your home, and also for what it is customary to eat. U t. c. s.

6. adj. It is said of the diocesan bishop. U t. c. s.

7. adj. He said the mail dispatched by land or sea, to differentiate it from the air and of the certificate.

8. adj. He said the mail that came in periods fixed and specific, distinction of the extraordinary, shipped when it should be. U t. c. s.

9. adj. Der. He said the current firm with business processing orders.

10. m. man played by commissions travelling by rail.

11. m. its. Arriero or carret

ero that normally drove people, gender, or other things of a people to another.

de regular.

1. loc. Advisor. Common and regularly, often many times.

? V.

Mayor regular

condominium regular

Inquisitor regular

judge regular

trial regular

jurisdiction ordinary

masonry ordinary

mes regular

step regular

lawsuit regular

round ordinary

via ordinary

vote ordinary

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