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Meaning of opacarofilia

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Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez


It is the love or hobby to admire or enjoy the sunsets or sunsets.


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It is a word with a rather dubious etymology, although there is some antedent. It is supposed to be the pleasure of loving or admiring the sunset, but it turns out that opaque in Latin is "shadowing, shading", not necessarily by falling the sun; the darkening of the sunset is crepusculum, i ( "sunset, little darkness" ) ), and 966; 953; 955; 953; 945; ( philia, "love, affective inclination") is Greek, which brings us to the next point. Phobias, philias and lagnias are taken from classical Greek and are not mixed with Latin, but this is not a pathology but a hobby, and there is already a background (see somnophilia), so this detail can be understood as a way to make a difference , especially since heliobasilemafiliais is almost unpronounceable. But twilight no longer so much. See twilight.


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