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Meaning of olla

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Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez


It is a vessel or vessel usually cylindrical or rounded, They can be aluminum or clay. They are usually used to cook food or heat water. Cauldron. In Colombia in a colloquial way it means very bad economic situation (being in the pot). Inopia, emptied.


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Vessel for cooking or boiling, round and wide mouth. Also what is prepared in it. By resemblance it is from a whirlpool in the water that shows a void in the center, to a way of calling the head.


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You have the head like a " pot ": has to do with what people put on their head. Many times what it shows is " garbage ". And in comparison to a common pot where are good ingredients to Cook, this puts what No! should.This " ingredient " this attitude not! You will well head, " pot " of the " individual " that this feeling will take you to her practice in story you left in the 34, to 34. And No! You will make any! Not bad.It has been, made clear?


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