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Meaning of oblea

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The word reaches the Spanish through French oblee ("ofrendada") which were possessions given to the Church by people who took the habits, and then spread to the host, who is also an offering. By the way bread or cookie small and thin also called so sweet cookies of thin and light weight, and was also associated with that name to the adhesive seals of floured cloth and gum Arabic used in the past to seal dry envelopes and documents Today we know better as sticker and ended by naming any self-adhesive stamp. Latin origin for the French is at the oblatus ("offered") Word.


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Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

In Colombia is a type of sweet dessert, formed by two sheets flat, thin and round, made with flour and enters which medium sweet mora or dulce de leche. It is also a form of presentation of some medicines.


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