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(Delit.(novella, news, novel story).

1. f. literary work in prose that is narrated action mock in whole or in part, and whose purpose is to cause aesthetic pleasure to readers with the description or painting of events or interesting lances, character, passions and customs.

2. f. interesting real-life facts that appear to be fiction.

3. f. fiction or false in any material.

4. f. Der. Each of the new laws or Imperial constitutions which gave Teo

dosio II and his immediate successors after the publication of the theodosian code, Justinian after their legal compilations, and the other Byzantine Emperors after Justinian law.

OrRTOGR. ESCR. with may. initial.

novel Byzantine.

1. f. adventure novel genre, which took place in Spain mainly in the 16th and 17TH centuries, in imitation of Hellenistic authors.

novel of chivalry.

1. f. novel Gothic.

1. f. variety of tale of mystery and terror that appears at the end of the 18th century.

novel historical.

1. f. Which carries out its action in the past, with real or fictional characters.

novel Moorish.

1. f. story cultivated in the Spain of the Siglo de Oro, which idealizes the relations between Moors and Christians.

novel pastoral.

1. f. Which chronicled in the golden age, the adventures and romantic misadventures of idealized shepherds.

novel picaresque.

1. f. Which, usually in first person, recounted the little Honorable adventures of a rogue. It grew during the 16th and 17TH centuries.

novel for deliveries.

1. novel of long extension that, in the 19th century and much of the 20th, was distributed in regular fascicles at the suscri.

ptores. Developed, in general, melodramatic adventures of contemporary figures, and often lacked literary quality.

novel Rosa.

1. f. variety of story novel, cultivated in modern times, with very conventional environments and characters, which are narrated the vicissitudes of two lovers, whose love triumphs against adversity.

novel sentimental.

1. f. type of novel cultivated in Spain during the 15th and 16th centuries. He told a love story, sometimes with characters and symbolic places, and offered a fine analysis of the sentiments of lovers, whose Sun destination

Ed be tragic.

? V.

keel of novel

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