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Meaning of no tener pelos en la lengua

Lucas Ruiz Image
Lucas Ruiz

no tener pelos en la lengua

Talking or saying things without question, almost out of control, said is too sincere people


Jorge Paredes Romero Image
Jorge Paredes Romero

Deslenguado, tongue loose, speak without measure or control, with too much sincerity or shame


lidia ines Image
lidia ines

Be very frank. But many times they believe rightly, and spend francs, to offensive. They can't distinguish the small strip. Between being frank and clear. It has educated with a little bit of tino. And they dropped them as they come out!


Jorge Luis Tovar Díaz Image
Jorge Luis Tovar Díaz

Speaking bluntly, speaking front, telling it like it is. Call bread, bread and wine, wine.


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