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Meaning of no te tomes nada personal

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Pedro Murillo

no te tomes nada personal

When one person tells another not to be angry. Some synonyms, words or similar expressions may be do not anger, do not make a bad thing, do not pay attention


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Surely it is a reduced way to suggest to someone that he does not take anything personally, that he is objective, that he slips; but in no way does it fit as a query in a dictionary. See no ("negation"), te ("singular second-person pronoun"), verbs/tomes, and non-locution nothing personal.


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Henry Escobar Marin

*don't take anything personal*means: from One *accusation* or satire* to another [person] example: speaking {incoherently}wrong [addressing] the other< persona="">


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DON'T TAKE ANYTHING PERSONAL is typical gangster phrase in movies. ' (It is not) nothing personal means that he will be executed but that there is no hatred, but it is the circumstances that force him to be killed. It is an irony and part of the sadism and evil involved in the act. In real life it can be something less ominous, such as a dismissal or expulsion.


What is the meaning of no te tomes nada personal in the Spanish open dictionary

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