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Meaning of neumática

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It means relative to the air (or also the spirit). It is the part of physics that is dedicated to the study of air and gases, their movements and pressures. Weapon or device that operates with compressed air.


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1 _ science that studies the behavior of gases, especially from the air. From the latin pneumaticus, from Greek 960; 957; 949; 965; 956; 945; 964; 953; 954; 959; 962; (rubber tyred "breath, breath, air"). 2nd _ musical notation used in the middle ages who wrote the neume on the text for singing. 3rd _ way of expressing himself in a speech using the rhetorical neuma. 4th _ feminine of tyre. 5th _ condition of men with spiritual prevalence according to the theological Trichotomy of San Pablo.


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