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Meaning of neologizar

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In principle it is to create words with the category of neologism, but this has two interpretations. One is almost ironic, because it is clearly not the result of an occupation: initially there is a need to name something that a priori has no name and then it can be said that this is the product of 'neologizing'; although because of publicists, journalists, writers, influencers, all with aspirations of transcendence, it ends up being a bad word since they usually exonerate their belly in coherence, in etymology, in elementary logic in order to invent a catchy voice, or that sounds scientific, or of popular acceptance, with the unconfessed ambition that it will be quoted and even incorporated into dictionaries. Its other meaning is the most established, and refers to the symptom in psychiatric pathologies where patients create their own vocabulary using linguistic resources (or their interpretation of resources) such as substantiveness, synonymy, solecism, asyndeton, ellipsis, prosthesis, epenthesis, paragoge, etc. In fact, the word 'neologize' is created with the noun neology attached to the morpheme -izar 128513; .


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1 . It is said of the act of creating new words, meanings or new turns of phrase in a specific language, in order to enrich and update the language and idiolect of that language. 2 . It is said of the use of neologisms .


What is the meaning of neologizar in the Spanish open dictionary

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