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Meaning of nefelibata

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Name invented by Rabelais to a people who walked through the clouds. It is also a way to call the inhabitants of Nefelococcigia, the city built by Pistetero and Evelpides between the Earth and Olympus that prevented the passage of the offerings to the gods; as narrated in " 34 birds; by Aristophanes. In classical Greek, it unites the 957 words; 949; 966; 959; 962; ( nefos, " 34 cloud; ) with 946; 945; 953; 957; 969; ( baino, " walking " ).


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luis alberto aparicio jiménez

Reflective and thoughtful attitude.


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Alfredo Edgardo Alvarez Ahumada

nefelibata: Jesus said be deluded person, sonadora.que is outside of reality.


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Pale, soft and light


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Sandra Bruzon

I think that in addition can also refer to someone who already left the Earth, died, and happened to wander across the sky, the clouds


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Adj. Dreamer , fantasizer , one who indulges in day dream.


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2. &#(n.&#) lit. &#"cloud-walker&#"; one who lives in the clouds of their imagination or dreams 3. &#(n.&#) one who does not obey the conventions of society, literature, or art


What is the meaning of nefelibata in the Spanish open dictionary

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