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Meaning of mufa

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It is the fungal stain that appears where there is moisture, but associating with the phrase "boring as a fungus" is said of someone who is annoyed; that in subsequent meanings already names who has or attracts bad luck, who is fucked. By extension, the same bad luck or misfortune. It comes from the Veneto star muffo ("to be sad") that takes it from Latin mucere ( "hongo" ). See yeta .


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MUFA: In Argentina, rust or stain moisture.


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Carrying the bad luck, that spread it.


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Sergio Barck

In Argentina applies to " bad sweater ". A person is MUFA when in your presence go wrong 34 things; it's a MUFA "


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Carlos V Cicottino

Grabbed you the mufa / is mufo ( declined his good mood, be upset, you hastió )Book: " THE LANGUAGE OF 34 ARGENTINES;


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Mufa: protection of closure used in telecommunications networks, especially in air distribution networks such as underground, to protect and to close the area of joint of copper or optical cables. You can use to cut cables or uncut, connection joints and joints of derivation.


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