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Meaning of movimiento

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1. m. action and effect of move.

2. m state of the bodies while they change of place or position.

3. m. alteration, uneasiness, or shock.

4. m. uprising, rebellion.

5. m. first manifestation of affection, passion or sentiment, jealousy, laughter, anger, etc.

6. d. development and spread of a trend of religious, political, social, aesthetic, etc., ca

were innovative. The movement of Oxford. The movement Socialist. The movement romantic.

7. m. set of changes or developments that occurred during a period of time, in some fields of human activity.

8. m. variety and animation in the style, or in poetic or literary composition.

9. m. In the arts of drawing, well-ordered variety of lines and the chiaroscuro of a figure or composition.

10. m. In commercial computation and in some statistics, numerical alteration in the State or during a specified time.

11. m. E

SGR. Rapid change in the position of the weapon.

12. m. Fís. Advancement or backwardness of a clock at a fixed interval.

13. m. Mús. Speed of the beat.

14. m. Mús. Each of the fragments of a sonata, a Symphony, etc., with the contrast of existing time between them.

movement expedited.

1. m. Mec. One in which the speed increases with time.

movement compound.

1. m. Mec. Which results of the competition of two or more forces in diverse sense.

movement continuous.

1. m. Fís. Which is intended to make last indefinitely without energy expenditure.

movement of reduction.

1. m. Esgr. Which is made directing the Sabre or sword from sides to Center. It is contrary to the re-equipping.

movement of rotation.

1. m. Mec. The a body around an axis.

movement of translation.

1. m. Astr. The stars in their orbits. Movement of translation of the Earth.

2. m. Mec. The bodies that follow large radius curves in relation to its own dimensions. Movement of translation of a projectile.

movement direct.

1. m. Astr. The translation

or the rotation of the stars when you check in the same sense as the Earth, or contrary to the hands of a clock.

movement during the day.

1. m. Astr. The apparent rotation of the sky from East to West, produced by the actual or real of the Earth, of the other hand, within a period of one sidereal day.

movement strange.

1. m. Esgr. Which is done by withdrawing the Sabre or sword. It is contrary to the thrust.

movement natural.

1. m. Esgr. It does the sword or the sword down.

movement wave motion.

1. m. Fís. Which spreads through waves, with transport of energy, but not matter, as on the surface of the water or particles in an elastic medium.

movement oratory.

1. m. boot or outburst of the speaker, excited by the passion.

movement paraláctico.

1. m. Astr. The that can run certain devices, such as the Equatorial, in right ascension and declination.

movement primary.

1. m. Astr. movement during the day.

movement itself.

1. m. Astr. The a star whatever in its orbit or around its axis.

movement radial.

1. m. Astr. The following certain heavenly bodies in the direction of the beam visual, toward or away from the Earth.

movement re-equipping.

1. m. Esgr. It does addressing the Sabre or sword from the Center to the sides.

movement delayed.

1. m. Mec. One in which the rate decreases with time.

movement retrograde.

1 m. Astr. The real or apparent of a star against the direct.

movement simple.

1. m. Mec. The resulting from the momentum of a single force.

movement uniform.

1. m. Mec. One whose translational or rotational speed remains constant.

movement uniformly accelerated.

1. m. Mec. One in which the speed

idad increases proportionally to the time which has elapsed.

movement uniformly delayed.

1. m. Mec. One in which the rate decreases proportionally to the time which has elapsed.

movement varied.

1. m. Mec. One in which the speed is not constant.

movement true.

1. m. Astr. Which is real and distinct from the apparent some


movement violent.

1. m. Esgr. It does the Sabre or sword up. It is contrary to the natural.

first movement.

1. m. sudden or involuntary burst of passion.

do movement a work or a part of it.

1. loc. verb. Arq. Separated slightly from his natural position of


? V.

number of movement

transmission of movement

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