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Meaning of mono

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Person with blond hair Example: "Uy if they saw that mona que paso?" Synonyms: Rubio nbsp; Fulano nbsp; Mona nbsp; Antonyms: Pelinegro


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A graphic or drawing to explain some theory. Caricature Example: "Cartoon monkeys are fun Let a monkey to explain the law of supply and demand" Synonyms: Drawing


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Bonito, applied to things or people, in colloquial language. Example: "What boy so cute!!" What mona es tu casa "!! Synonyms: Cute nbsp; Bonito nbsp; Antonyms: Ugly nbsp; Unfriendly


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Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

In Colombia we say monkey to someone of blonde hair, catire. Also tell the monkey, APE, primate to mono. Greek prefix meaning one only. We also use the word to describe something beautiful, attractive, beautiful. In Colombia we also say mono to a mamaracho painted by a child. Drawing of child. Sketch.


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MONO: River African that runs to the East of Togo and empties into the Gulf of Guinea.


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