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Meaning of mampolones

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This word in Colombia and most of all on the north coast, said of a big and unskilled man, something fret and loose


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Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

Plural of mampolon. To say loose, pendejo, maintained, good for nothing. Person without character, of little worth, low self-esteem, shameless, shameless.


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Raúl Vera

Mampo, adjective used in the central region of Chiapas, Mexico, to define to homosexuals, said that Chiapas is home and that means man-woman.


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According to gabriel garcia marquez in statement mampolon is word used to refer to an ordinary man of little culture, manners, also by his mother Lady and that is useless.In other words, is a nuisance to society.


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maintained, used, slow, good for nothing, lazy


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