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slow (from lat. "lentus") 1 (ant. ) adj. Applied to plants, flexible or leathery. 2. Farm. Glutinous or sticky. 3 (salt. ) Soft. 4 (salt. ) Wet. Growth. Relente. 5. applies to what is going slowly, investing much time in going from one place to another or do the thing of it is: "a lazy river. A person slow at work". Applies also to the movement or action: "an idle. The slow descent of temperature". Applied to actions or events such as "torture" or "agony", such that it takes a long time to get the outcome. Similar meaning has applied to the action, for example, a play or a movie. Applied to "heat" or "fire", a little intense, so that the things subjected to him are cooked, etc. slowly. m. MUS. Long. V. "a slow, slow passes getaway". . Other Cataloga root, "bradi-": "bradycardia". Acompasado, adagio, andante, formicante, gradual, insensitive, languid, long, gentle, pando, gradual, slow, calm, soft. Cold Ave, cachazudo, calmoso, calmudo, tired, sluggish, spacious, estantio, flegmatico, phlegmatic, flemudo, loose, goose, lerdo, maturrango, moroso, pachón, pachorrudo, pamphilus, stopped, parsimonious, paused, pelma, pest, pe rezoso, heavy, Scaup, posma, labored, cautious, reposado, roncero, sleepy, calm, tardigrade, slow, clumsy, turtle, calm, vilordo, zorronglon. Stroll the soul through the body. Apathy, offal, cachaça, calm, rennet, despaciosidad, spacing, space, phlegm, slowness, melsa, delinquency, sluggishness, patience, pause, pelmaceria, sloth, heaviness, porreria, premiosidad, ronceria, serenity, tranquility. To bonico, slow motion, slowly, slowly, sweetly, thoughtfully, drop by drop, by degrees, gradually stepping on eggs, wantonly, languidly, slowly, lerdamente, meekly, Palm to span, by parties, to pass from b UEY to slow happens, happens to pass, passes from turtle, gradually, slowly, lazily, heavily, pian piano, pleasure, walking a bit, no rush, no hurry, remisamente, quietly, gently, quietly. Haven. The Palace things go slowly, to that step, to that happens life is a breath.

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