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Meaning of la carmela

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la carmela

This would be a spam for a century-old tincture, tonic and hair perfume; but it turns out that the formerly known as 'Professor N's Hygienic Lotion. López Caro' was the origin of Carmelazo lunfardism (give a touch of Carmela lotion), so let's review it. 'La Carmela' was a product created in the Botica de Nemesio López Caro (Santiago de Compostela, Spain) and among its many goodness was to disguise the gray hairs with a progressive dyeing. In the 1920s he was associated with 'J. L. Lopez Count S. R. L. ' , from Buenos Aires ( Argentina), which distributes it in the country and in others of South America. In the Río de la Plata the verb carmelear (dye hair) and other variants from its name 'Carmela' is created, which pays homage to a Spanish artist of the early twentieth century, of which there has been no more data.


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