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Meaning of jay

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1º_ Jay is a male name of French origin (the feminine is Jaye) that possibly comes from the Latin Gaius (for "gay, cheerful"). 2º_ It is also a hypocoristic for names that begin with the letter /J/, although this comes more from English. 3º_ As there are words very similar to this in different languages, anyone could originate a name adopted by Spanish speakers, such as the cachiquel jay ("house"), or the Jay for woman from jai ("young woman") from caló chai ("girl"), also the Basque jai ("party") could end up becoming a name, not to mention more distant languages such as Greek, Arabic, Hebrew or Sanskrit.


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Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

In Colombia it is a surname Sanandresano . Last name of Colombian journalist from San Andrés Islas and who is called Vilma Jay . The name Jay is used by both males and females. It means Protected by God. It is of Biblical origin.


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JAY Artistic name of Puerto Rican singer-songwriter, dancer and producer José Ángel López Martínez, born in April, 1994. 2 . Latin spelling, phonetics informal English greeting Hi, 'hello'


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JAY Magpie, jay, pie Some synonyms, words or similar expressions can be magpie

"The jay is a bird"


What is the meaning of jay in the Spanish open dictionary

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