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Meaning of humillarse de acuerdo con la biblia

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Alcira Londoño

humillarse de acuerdo con la biblia

It is to strip the self, to leave pride, self-lingario, vainglory and to hold on to the Most High God, obeying the commandment established in his Word. It is to prostrate before his presence, bending his knees with a sincere heart, recognizing at all times that God is a supreme being, Almighty and that we depend on Him because He is the one who sustains us, encourages us, gives us life.


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Confessing my sins, acknowledging that I need God's help, letting God guide me, giving up my desires, and obeying what God wants.


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See humbled ("reflective form of the verb to humiliate"), of (preposition), agreement ("conformity"), with (preposition), the ("singular feminine certain article"), Bible ("Judeo-Christian holy book")..


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Jehoshaphat humiliated his face


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It is to become inferior to someone knowing what reward we will ted because the father will exalt us by giving grace and wisdom


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Moisés Ortiz

It is to want to present ourselves to God with all our flaws, mistakes, vices, bad habits, bad habits, but with the clear intention of wanting to allow us to make us new beings.


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Manuel Penichet P

In the Bible, humble means accept or recognize my condition than I am, as I am and I have done with respect to what God says that it should be, be and do. According to the Bible, humble themselves before God means to recognize that we are nothing before him and our human condition is lower, we decide to obey the word of God and live according to his will, as well as to recognize that all we have comes from him.


What is the meaning of humillarse de acuerdo con la biblia in the Spanish open dictionary

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