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Meaning of hsv

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1o_ Hue color model ( "tint" ), Saturation ( "saturation" ) , Value ( "value" ). It is a more complete version of the rgb, which presents the nuances between primary colors as if it were a circumference where the 0 0176; correspond to red, 120 0176; green and 240 0176; blue (always clockwise) to match 360 0176; again with the red; so the value of hue is a number between 0 and 360 (although it is also simplified as 0 to 100%). Saturation is measured towards the center of the circumference (100% to 0), in a circle where all colors merge into white, which in practice increases its brightness by diluting the color to its equivalent in shade of gray. The value is the one who gives you the amount of black, which combined with saturation can have a value of 0 (totally black ) up to 100% that allows you to see the shade of gray. See rgba , cmy , cmyk , ryb , hsl , hsla , hsb . 2nd_ IATA Code of Carl T International Airport . Jones Field of Huntsville ( Alabama, USA).


What is the meaning of hsv in the Spanish open dictionary

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