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Meaning of hipólito

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Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez


It is a name of Greek origin male and means that leads horses and is thrown into battle. Colloquial and family are told Polo. There is a female variant: Hippolyta (Pola). In Greek mythology, son of Theseus and one of the Amazons. It was a great lover of hunting and the violent arts. Name of the first antipope (after it was reconciled with the Church and is considered a Saint).


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Felipe Lorenzo del Río

Own name derived from hippos, horse, and the verb lyo untie: that loose horses. Title of a Euripides tragedy about the son of Theseus and an Amazon, lover of hunting and the violent arts, spurning the goddess Aphrodite, who became the love of his stepmother Phaedra in revenge. This committed suicide to be despised. About Hippolytus wrote also Ovid, Seneca, Racine and Unamuno.


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