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Meaning of gymkana

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Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez


It is the name given to a series of competitions that are held in group and outdoors. It consists of several tests of various kinds and is strictly competed by teams. You can also use the term yinkana or yincana .


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John Rene Plaut

GYMKANA race on foot or in a vehicle in which various intermediate competitions are held that give score or permission to continue to the next stage.


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Isabel Arriaga

It is a set of tests, games or activities developed outdoors with a set order, giving score for each test surpassed in such a way that the participant who gets the highest score wins the game. It is usually an activity where different skills such as balance, speed, strategy, competitiveness, etc. are put into practice and is a lot of fun.


What is the meaning of gymkana in the Spanish open dictionary

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