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Meaning of grasa

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From medieval Latin grossus ( "thick, fat") , which comes from crassus, a , um . 1st_ Fat Female . 2nd_ Sebum of animal and plant origin . It is a combination of glycerins with fatty acids. 3rd_ Fatty lubricant that can be organic, mineral or synthetic . 4th_ In lunfardo you are said 'fat' to something or someone ordinary, mersa, without class. Perhaps it is associated with food: the one that drips fat is supposed to be of low quality, and the one who consumes it is not exactly a gourmet, not even a guru.


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Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

It's a generic way to call any kind of lipid. It means fat, butter, sebum. It also means lubricant, oil, thick substance that serves to keep the bearings running.


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In colloquial jargon it is used to refer to cocaine, since when heated it takes on a greasy appearance


What is the meaning of grasa in the Spanish open dictionary

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