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Meaning of gordo

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Gordo, da.

(Of thelat.)gurdus, voice of or.(hisp.).

1. adj. Abundant meat.

2. adj. Very bulky and heavy.

3. adj. handsome (? Crassus and buttery). Fat meat

4. adj. That exceeds the current thickness in her class. Fat thread Big canvas

5. adj. Very large, unusual.

He has had a big crash

6. adj. ant. Clumsy, foolish, little warned.

7. m. tallow (? fat removed from herbivorous animals).

8. f. Méx. Thicker than the common corn tortilla.

9. f. Colloq. p us. bitch fat.

something Gordo.

1. m. Colloq. An event of great importance or very famous.

arm the Gordo.

1. loc. verb. Colloq. Occur a pendency times, noisy discussion or political or social disorder.

fall Gordo to someone else.

1. loc. verb. Colloq. Be anticipada, annoying or unpleasant.

being fat a woman.

1. loc. verb. Colloq. Bol. and Chile. You are pregnant.

no fat.

1. loc. Advisor. Colloq. nothing.

not having or dealing, not seen as, or more, bigs.

1. locs. verbs. Not have been never found so difficult or compromised situation.

without fat, or a fat..

1. locs. income. coloqs. Without money.

? V.

button dance Gordo

rattlesnake dance Gordo

finger Gordo

Sunday Gordo

people Gorda

Thursday Gordo

lyrics Gordas

bird Gordo

bitch Gorda

big fish

award Gordo

FAT table

gut Gorda

Thunder Gordo

cows Gordas

What is the meaning of gordo in the Spanish open dictionary

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