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Meaning of gobierno

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1. m. action and effect of rule or govern.

2. m. Ministers of a State as a whole.

OrRTOGR. ESCR. with may. initial.

3. m. job, Ministry and dignity of the Governor.

4. m. District or territory in which the Governor has jurisdiction or authority.

5. m. building that has his Office and Office


6. m. time that lasts the command or authority of the Governor.

7. m. gobernalle.

8. m. docility of the ship at the helm.

9. m. And. Blanket made of twisted and woven with strong thread fabric scraps.

10. m. ant. Food and sustenance.

11. m. germ. Brake of the chivalry.

Government absolute.

Government parliamentary.

1. m. One in which the Ministers need the confidence of the cameras, or at least chosen by popular and direct vote.

Government representative.

1. m. One in which, in various forms, concurs the nation, through its representatives, to the formation of the laws.

To watch

someone against the Government..

1. loc. verb. Colloq. bizquear.

for Government of someone.

1. loc. Advisor. So that it can adjust their plans, their conduct, etc., to what is communicated.

serve of Government something.

1. loc. verb. Colloq. Serve as a standard, of warning or notice.

? V.

love of Government

Head of Government

women's Government

Hall of Government

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