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Meaning of gil

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Gil : Individual of one side or partiality that in the S . XV there was on the mountain of Santander, mainly in the region of Trasmiera.


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Keylor Ramirez

In Costa Rica : Diminutive Name Is "Gilberto".


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Jorge Luis Tovar Díaz

Gregorio Jesús Gil y Gil, better known as Jesús Gil y Gil, was a Spanish politician and sports leader. At the time he was president and maximum shareholder of Club Atlético de Madrid. Precisely, being president of this club he became infamous for expressing the following statement: "To this black man I cut off his head", referring to the player Adolfo "El Tren" Valencia.


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Gil (capitalized) is a surname of Spanish origin, but as an adjective it is used to qualify someone as "unwary, dumb" in some places "drunk for love". It comes from the caló jily (jilí "naive, silly" ). See parsley, asshole.


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Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

In Colombia is a surname of Spanish origin, although some write Hill and say that it is of English origin (a surname that also exists and is truly English). In our country, gil, is also a colloquial way of saying stupid, silly, lerdo, stupid, atulampado.


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Inés Merino García

As added so much definition of that Word, to say that in Spain is a name well known thanks to the late Jesús Gil, a politician and businessman from the town of Marbella, Malaga, who was a public figure known for his ostentatious luxury and power.


What is the meaning of gil in the Spanish open dictionary

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