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Meaning of gigante

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(Of thelat.)Gigas, - antis, and this of theg ?(do a?-? t?).

1. adj. giant.

2. adj. Much greater than what is considered as normal. Thought, effort giant. Size giant.

3. m. be fabulous of enormous stature, who appears in stories and mythological Fables.

4. m. person that much exceeds in height which is considered normal.

5. m. lovable (? gigantic figure which tends to be in some processions).

6. m. person who stands out extraordinarily in an activity or has a quality to a very high degree.

giant in land of dwarves.

1. m. Colloq. Man of small stature.

2. m. u. to denote a person undisputedly not for their own use, but by inferiority of those around her.

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