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Meaning of gemelo

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Twin and twin Colombia is not equal. Twins are the brothers who are born in a double birth but have different sex at birth. Twins are identical at all: born in the same birth, born of the same sex. Childbirth in which two children are born. Twin stands for equal, identical, parallel, mielgo, brother, gouache, buddy, torque, guare.


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Brother born of a same birth. Today it is used colloquially to brothers born of a same Zygote, and which are therefore identical; Unlike twin, which may come from different zygotes and even have different gender. But both words may be synonym for science. It comes from the latin gemellus, i ( guemelus, diminutive form for geminatus " doubled, repeated " ). See: twin. See: triplet.


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V.M. Hjor Ku Xoans

Twin: element whose appearance is the same image of another is not before a mirror. Similar, with identical features. Double that you there is between those that are identical to a model or paradigm. Not necessarily twin.


What is the meaning of gemelo in the Spanish open dictionary

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