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Meaning of garca

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Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez


In the countries of the Southern Cone means assembler, loader. Person who takes advantage or takes advantage of others. Advantageous, taken advantage. Bad person. Abusive.


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In lunfardo is an apocope of "garcador", someone capable of garcar (vesre of "shit" ) to another, in his sense of defrauding or harming. See garco .


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Fernando José Puig

Derivative of the word oligarch, whose translation is Government of few ( oligo ). As the oligarchy is equated to a dictatorship, attentive the imposition and removal of human rights. Then the ignorance that is moving faster than the melting of the South Pole, her confused with the evacuation of the bowels. ( lunfardo )


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adj. Arg.Dicese of the person without scruples when it comes to deceive, defraud or blackmail.


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