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Meaning of gallo

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Very popular and cosmopolitan domestic bird. King of the Chicken Coop . Male of the hen . Its scientific name is Gallus gallus domesticus and belongs to the family Phasianidae. Colloquially in Colombia means very brave, strong. Also blustery, boastful, bossy, bully, authoritarian. Another very Colombian meaning is untimely detuning of the voice. Intemperate talk . It is another way of calling a spit, sputum, gargajo or phlegm. In Peru it is a portable potty. Surname of Spanish origin . Typical dish of the Tica Gastronomy: it consists of tortillas, meat and salads.


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Jorge Luis Tovar Díaz

Gallo , is a surname of Spanish origin .


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GALLO: Silver coin of the Kingdom of Cambodia, in the West Indies.


What is the meaning of gallo in the Spanish open dictionary

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