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Meaning of franca

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Franco, ca.

(Of thegerm.)(* frank, free, free).

1. adj. single, honest, naive and fair in their dealings.

2. Liberal adj., dadivoso, bizarre and elegant.

3. adj. RID.

4. adj. free, free and privileged.

5. adj. patent, of course, no doubt. Franca improvement

6. adj. said of a c

OSA: free of taxes and contributions.

7. adj. said of a place or a port: enjoys this exemption.

8. adj. On the coast of Africa, European. APL. to pers., u. t. c. s.

9. adj. It is said of the Germanic peoples of Franconia and the lower Rhine that they conquered France and gave it its name.

10. adj. Said the language used these peoples. U t. c. s. m.

11. adj. French. APL. to pers., u. t. c. s.

12. adj. free from service, abundant

e of obligations or duties of a military character work.

13. adj. com. Such a price, denotes that costs caused by a commodity up to the place indicated are not of the purchaser. Franco store Franco wagon

14. d. currency of France and other countries.

? V.

Franco Board

Franco Headquarters

deposit Franco

scale franca

feud Franco

language franca

line of Franco Board

table franca

stone franca

floor Franco

Posada franc


door franca

port Franco

field Franco

area franca

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