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Meaning of frío

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cold, a.

(Of thelat.)(frigidus).

1. adj. said of a body: which has a temperature far below the ordinary environment.

2. adj. said of a color: causing sedation, such as blue or green.

3. adj. indifferent to sexual pleasure.

4. adj. That, in respect of a pe

rsona or else, shows indifference, desapego or desafecto, or which does not take interest in it.

5. adj. Without grace, spirit and wit. Cold man Cold response

6. adj. Ineficaz, of little recommendation.

MORF. SUP. irreg. frigidísimo.

7. m. sensation experienced before a drop in temperature.

8. m. Cuba. refrigerator (? appliance to conserve food).

9. m. its. Drink cooled with snow or ice, but liquid.

10. f. Colloq. Col., Cuba Guat., México. , R. Dom.beer.

11. f. its. moderatecold .

to cold.

1. loc. Advisor. Ant. coolly.

with the cold.

1. loc. Advisor. its. With the fresh.


1. loc. Advisor. In practice a surgical operation in an organ or tissue swollen: after the flogosis have disappeared.

2. loc. Advisor. Without being under the immediate impression of the circumstances of the case.

leave to someone cold something.

1. loc. verb. Not to cause minor printing.


1. interj. U to warn someone that is far to find a hidden object or hit something.

not to give someone something cold or hot, or fever, or not to enter him someone cold or hot for something.

1. locs. verbs. coloqs. Leave you indifferent.

keep someone cold..

1. loc. verb. Stay frightened or stunned by alg

common event or unexpected disappointment.

? V.

Ave cold

chain of cold

limp in cold

chicken cold

drop cold

war cold

Church cold

Lino cold

Salva cold

blood cold

cold light tube

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