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Meaning of flaca

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skinny (from the lat. flaccus ) 1 (inf.) Adj. Applied to people, very thin. 2 It applies to the person who has or shows in a certain case little integrity or little resistance to temptations Also, the flesh is thin . Waver. 3 m. Appearance of a person who fails his integrity. Weakness, skinny tip. Vice or very strong hobby: Your skinny is the love of drinking. Weakness. V. skinny from memory, a skinny bitch everything is fleas, skinny tip, doing a poor service, skinny cows . . Catáloga Hallelujah, cangallo, little, sucked, consumed, skinny, emaciated, disheveled, stripped, encanijado, escomendrijo, squalid, escuchimizado, escarrzo, drained, esmirriado, made an asparagus, specter, spirit of the candy, skeletal, made a skeleton, famished , made a fidea, fifiriche, flacuchento, skinny, flamenco, gansarón, garrudo, hético, in bones, lambrija, licked, haggard, made a mummy, made a stick, in the skin, perigallo, pilongo, parched, made a scoundrel , dry, transposed. Enflaquecer, flaquecer. Weak. Thin. Rickety.

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