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Meaning of fina

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fine, na.

(From end, term).

1. adj. Delicado and of good quality in its kind.

2. adj. Delgado, subtle.

3. adj. said of a person: thin, slender and delicate faction.

4. adj. Exquisite education; Courtly and urban.

5. adj. Amoroso, affectionate.

6. adj. astute, shrewd.


adj. said of a sense: acute. It has an ear very fine.

8. adj. smooth, smooth. Fine complexion.

9. adj. That makes things with delicacy and opportunity.

10. adj. said of a metal: very polished or nationalistic.

11. adj. Sherry said: very dry, pale, and whose graduation varies between 15 and 17 degrees. U t. c. s. m.

12. adj. Mar. A ship said: that by its trace cuts off the water with ease.

13. m. pl. L-swept coal dust

as water during washing, and recovered by these water treatment.

? V.

cinnamon fine

thing fine

herb fine

Chamomile fine

stone fine

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