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Meaning of feudo

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1. m contract by which the sovereign and the great lords granted on age average land or rents in usufruct, forcing who received them save loyalty of vassal to the donor, perform military service and the political and judicial assemblies that the Lord called to attend.

2. m. recognition or tribute with whose status was granted the fief.

3. m. dignity or heredamiento which was granted in fief.

4. m. Res

Peto or vassalage.

5. m. property exclusive either.

feud of camera.

1. m. Which consisted in annual rent of money on the Treasury of the Lord, property, or root.

feud Franco.

1. m. Which granted free gift and personal service.

feud improper.

1. m. One that lacked any circumstance of which called for the with

stitution of the rigorous feud ; as the I feud of House, the franc, etc.

feud ligio.

1. m. One in which the feudatory was so closely subordinate to the Lord, who could not recognize another with subordination resembling the vassalage in general distinction, which could be given to various Lords.

feud itself.

1. m. Those that meet all the circumstances which called for the Constitution to make it rigorous; as the feud straight.

feud straight.

1. m. Containing obligation gift and personal service, determined or not.

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