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Meaning of festibuga

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It is the name of a Song Festival that takes place in the city of Buga (or Guadalajara de Buga), in the Department of Valle in Colombia (not Cauca, as John says). It is actually a National and International Festival Performers of the Romantic Song and a Folkloric Theme. The trophies of La Ermita Vieja "Señor de los Milagros" are delivered, in Gold, Silver and Bronze, in addition to cash. It has been carried out for 51 years (since 1971). The presentations are currently held at the Bernardo Romero Lozano Acoustic Shell.


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FESTIBUGA national and international song festival held annually in Buga, Cauca, Colombia The history of the festival begins in 1971 when several Bugueños took the initiative during the National Agricultural Fair in Buga, to make a romantic music meeting to improve trade and promote culture.


What is the meaning of festibuga in the Spanish open dictionary

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