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ugly (from lat. "foedus') adj 1. and, applied to people, also n. Applies to unpleasantly what impresses the sense of sight: "an ugly face. An ugly color". Also, to what impresses unpleasant taste with that appreciates the artistic works: "an ugly novel ''. It can also be said of a piece of music: "the letter isn't bad, but the music is ugly". Applied to people, refers to the face: "It is ugly, but it has good guy". 2. applied to actions, indelicate: "Would be an ugly action to take advantage of their confidences". Wrong, dirty. 3. of bad appearance; so that threatens something unpleasant: "the issue is getting ugly". Applied to the card deck, such that offer little prospect of winning who has them. Bad boy. 4 ("make") m. Snub: "did you the ugly not invite your party". V. "there is fifteen ugly". Leave ugly to someone. Let slighted. Deny him in front of others or not meet or correspond to anything promised or claimed by him: "I have promised that you will do that better than anyone, so don't leave me ugly". Do you make a paper tarnished in any way. V. "ugly, uglier than Picia, touching someone sexa dancing with Tango". . Cataloga unsightly, poorly apersonada, disgusting, appalling, restaurant, deformed, disproportionate, ruinous, poorly addressed, awful, bad facade, fachoso, ugly, feoton, ferostico, homely, feuco, fierce, grotesque, hedo, horrible, horror bear, relentless, ignoble, laido, macaco, malcarado, molso, monstrous, born, badly-like, more ugly than Picia, rare, disgusting, clumsy, poorly drawn. Horribly, horribly. Abortion, Harpy bicharraco, bug, weirdo, birria, witch, cockatoo, calchona, callus, carantamaula, grimace, thistle, caricature, bucket, coconut, demon, Devil, beetle, scarecrow, grotesque, facha, phenomenon, Gorilla, Parrot, breast rracho, monkey, monkey, Monster, OGRE, orangutan, tarascan, tipejo, vision, zancajo, Chump, zurrapa. Ruin, ajar, amancillar, desafear, desgraciar, fade, tarnish, wither. Defedacion, deformity, disproportion, ugliness, feeza, ferocity, monstrosity. Desapuesto. Heap, passable.

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