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Meaning of fallar

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(Of thelat.)(afflare, blowing towards something, rub with the breath, smell).

1. tr. Decide, determine a dispute, process or contest. U t. c. Foreword

Ver conjugación fail2.

(De falla1).

1. tr. No right or wrong. Fall

AR the shot, a response. U t. c. Foreword

2. tr. In some card games, put a triumph for not having the suit played.

3. foreword Said one thing or person: do not respond as expected. Tú me estás failing.

4. foreword Saying one thing: stop working well. Fail the heart, the television.

5. foreword One thing saying: losing its strength, breaking or leaving to serve. Fail a support.


1. loc. verb. Cuba, the Sa

VL., México and Ur. Be crazy.

What is the meaning of fallar in the Spanish open dictionary

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