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Meaning of fabuero

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It is another typical OCR error ("optical character recognizer") that was already mentioned before around here: they do not interpret the / 383;/ ("that long") which was common in archaic Spanish and spelled as /f/ or /r/. Thus end up appearing nonsense like 10060; fabuero, which would not be an archaism but rather a mistake of the software by "hound". The fragment of the sonnet of The last three Castilian muses of Francisco de Quevedo quoted by JOHN looked like this: «As with the nose drinks the 383;abue 383;o , / breath of the footprints of the deer , / and desboliendo el monte mas e 383;pe 383;o , / the bushes 383;olicita , and the 383;embrado : / A 383;si Reynaldo con mirar travie 383; 383;O/ Regi 383;tra the field of Vno and another side. » [Note: There are some more data on this subject in the link to s, but for a URL encoding issue it is possible that in that same motto definitions for other characters also treated as reserved end up appearing. If so, you just have to look a little until you find the one referred to the / 383;/ 128578; . ] See 10060;falfaron.


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FABUERO hound in Old Spanish.


What is the meaning of fabuero in the Spanish open dictionary

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