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Meaning of eurotofobia

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It's a fear of female genitalia, and it's not necessarily a phobia itself. While there is already a well-documented colpophobia, in academic texts 'Eurotophobia' is also found as its synonym. The etymology is a bit obscure; I know ??????? ( eurootas ) is a way of calling the "vagina, and by extension the entire female genital tract" , but I do not know the origin . I was wondering if it will have any relation to words like ?????? ( euroeoo "abundant flow") , ????? ( "broad" eurús ) , ???????? ( eurótheios "which is fast" ) , ?? ??? ( eú oótheoo "push easy") , or some metathesis of ??????? ( "easy to traverse" eúporos) , which is formed by ?? ( eú "good, easy") ????? ( pores "boring") . . . but they seem very machirulas to me even for the Hellenes. See also phlophobia, itifalophobia, colpophobia, coitophobia, genophobia, genitophobia, erotophobia, malaxophobia, sarmasophobia.


What is the meaning of eurotofobia in the Spanish open dictionary

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