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Meaning of ereutofobia

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It is a strange social phobia, since it is not only the reaction of pathological facial flushing to emotional stimuli but the fear felt when blushing before other people. Like all names of phobias (or near) this one comes from the Greek, by 949; 961; 949; 965; 952; 969; ( ereutho "blush" ) 966; 959; 946; 959; 962; ( fovos "fear" ) . It is also often called erythrophobia, although this is more associated with the "fear of the color red".


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It is the pathological flushing or facial redness of a person. It is the severe and prolonged blush due to an external stimulus or abnormal functioning of the nervous system.



Ereutophobia-refers to the aversion, hatred or fear, presented by certain individuals, to blush; inquisitiveness to the red color, in particular, to the lights-


What is the meaning of ereutofobia in the Spanish open dictionary

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