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Meaning of eremofobia

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It is irrational fear of being alone. Its etymology comes from the Greek 949; 961; 951; 956; 959; 962; ( we will be "desert, isolated, lonely" ) and 966; 959; 946; 959; 962; ( fovos "fear" ) .


Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez Image
Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

Exaggerated fear of being alone. Fear or phobia of loneliness.


Alfredo Edgardo Alvarez Ahumada Image
Alfredo Edgardo Alvarez Ahumada

eremofobia:miedo to the soledad.miedo to the loneliness in the feel, and the existence.


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Jimeno Álvarez

Fear of being alone. It is defined as a persistent, abnormal, and unwarranted fear to be only either to the feeling of loneliness.


What is the meaning of eremofobia in the Spanish open dictionary

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