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Meaning of endemismo

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It is a term used in Biology and Ecology. It refers to a species either animal or plant that is only found in a well-defined or determined region. An endemism is an animal or plant that is only found within an ecosystem of one territory and is not found elsewhere.


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Endemism is a term used in biology to indicate that the distribution of a taxon is restricted to a geographical area reduced, not found naturally in any other part of the world. Therefore, when it indicates that a species is endemic to certain region, means that it is only possible to find in a natural way in this place.Endemism can be seen in a very wide range of geographic scales: thus, an organism may be endemic to a mountain top or a Lake, a mountain or a river system, an island, a country or even a continent. Usually the concept is applied to species, but it can also be used for other taxa as subspecies, varieties, genera, families, etc.


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Reginna Felix

It is a great combination of various words of Slovak origin. The separation of words will be the case: in de does same.?? In same = in the same place


What is the meaning of endemismo in the Spanish open dictionary

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