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Meaning of efecto

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(Of thelat.)(effectus).

1. m. that which follows by virtue of a cause.

2. m. impression made in the mood. Did your word in my heart effect

3. m. end so that something is done. The effect you want to For the effect

4. m. Article of trade.

5. m. document or commercial value, is nominative, refund or to the bearer.

6. ft rotating movement, as well as the translation, given to a ball, ball, etc., to promote her, and that makes it deviate from its normal path.

7. m. In the technique of some shows, trick or ruse to cause certain impressions. U m. in pl.

8. m. pl. effects special.

9. m. pl. Goods, furniture, belongings.

effect boomerang.

1. d. result of an action that turns against its author.

1. m. Med. effect side.

effect Crown.

1. m. Electr. Luminescent Halo, produced by ionization of the air, surrounding drivers for very high voltage.

effect lie.

1. m. Der. The who has a resource when it is attributed to the High Court the knowledge of the subject of the contested decision.


or dominoes.

1. d. result of an action that produces a series of consequences in chain.

effect greenhouse.

1. m elevation in the temperature of the atmosphere near the Earth's crust, because of the difficulty of dissipation of heat radiation, due to the presence of a layer of carbon dioxide from industrial burning.

effect secondary.

1. m. Med. Indirect and generally adverse consequence of the use of a drug or therapy.

effect suspensive.

1. m. Der. The who has a resource when it paralyzes the implementation of the resolution which it contests.

effectbanking, s or effects commercial.

1. m. pl. Credit documents issued by banks or commercial entities.

effects special.

1. m. pl. In the technique of some shows, tips or tricks to prov

certain ocar impressions which cause illusion of reality.

effects public.

1. m. pl. Credit documents issued by the State or other governmental entities, which have been recognized by the Government as negotiable on the stock exchange.

a effects of something.

1. loc. Advisor. In order to obtain or clarify.

en effect.

1. loc. Advisor. In fact, really, really.

do effect.

1. loc. verb. have an effect.

2. loc. verb. Seem very well, dazzle with their appearance or presentation.

lead to effect, or put in effect a project, thinking, etc.

1. locs. verbs. Run it, getting it in work.

1. loc. verb. Give the result desired.

? V.

stroke of effect

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