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Meaning of demonio

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The revealed religions give the Devil a meaning of malignant entity, opposed his doctrines. Originally a 948; 945; 953; 956; 969; 957; Greek (daimon) was a divinity who had an earthly contact with people, he counseled or protected, although in cases like the fauns or satyrs could also scare people. Christianity tried to stamp out their (already built-in to the Romans and their Empire) cult precisely associating a satyrs in the form of fallen angels and the concept of evil, of negative spirit, using the Latin word daemonium to name it.


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Danilo Enrique Noreña Benítez

Supernatural being of many religious beliefs which personifies evil. Devil, Satan. Lucifer.


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Andres Alberto Molina Coutiño

Demon: This word is composed of the prefix () which denotes division or distribution and (Moni) which means unity, demon would be which divided the mind between good and evil. Inheritance of the forbidden fruit of the science of good and evil according to genesis.


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